What is NEWConnective?

NEWConnective is a platform for dialogue and personal development for students in Amsterdam. We organize activities to help you find answers to important questions and in doing so, meet other interesting people like you. Most of the activities  so far are in Dutch, but we are working on activities in English as well, so stay updated via our Facebook page.

We also provide life-counselling, which is possible in English for all international students in Amsterdam.

What is a life-counsellor?
A life-counsellor can be seen as a kind of coach. Someone to help you think about life, so you can carry on with new inspiration. Everybody faces tough questions or dilemmas every now and then. By listening carefully, and asking the right questions, a life-counsellor can help you find your own answers. It can be a big relief to share your story with someone who genuinely listens and gives you feedback.

What kind of problems does a life-counsellor address?
Anything that keeps you awake at night could be subject of conversation: the future, your studies, relationships, sexuality, loneliness… Anything really. Questions could be for example: what do I really want with my life? how do i deal with difficult situations? what does it mean to be myself? what is spirituality for me? how do i find peace in stressful times?
And again: it’s up to you!

Is it religion-based?
Not necessarily. It is all about you and your life. This can be as religious as you prefer; it’s up to you. Riekje is a student pastor and specializes in religious questions as well. Mark is a trained humanist counsellor.

What does such a conversation look like?
At first we get to know each other to see if we connect, because that makes the talking easier. You explain why you’ve reached out to us and what you’re struggling with. The life-counselor will listen and reflect. This way you can organize your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes one conversation is enough, sometimes you’ll want more; and that’s all possible. In case you need more than counselling, we can help you get in touch with a psychologist or someone else.

Our meetings are always free.

How do I get in touch?
You can send Mark or Riekje a private message on Facebook, or you can send them an email: mark@newconnective.nl or riekje@newconnective.nl. Of course, your conversation is always private.

To speak with a studentrabbi you can send an e-mail to our colleague Yanki Jacobs

Mark https://www.facebook.com/MarkHumanist?fref=ts


Riekje https://www.facebook.com/RiekjeStudentenpastor?fref=ts